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New Orthopaedic Centre Now Open at Wrightington Hospital!

Newsdate: 22 December 2015Phase One Opening

We are proud to announce that our amazing new Orthopaedic Centre opened, on the Wrightington Hospital site, 21 December.

The Centre cost £18.1m to build and contains: -

  • Two new wards with a total of 56 beds, most of which will be single room en-suite accommodation
  • A new admissions unit
  • A four bay operating theatre complex with seven space recovery area

The changes in layout and facilities will revolutionise the way we work and the way we care for our patients, providing a far better environment to receive and give treatment.

Chris Knights, Project Director for the build said “The planning for this project started way back in August 2012, building work began in May 2014 so we’ve come a long way and I’m proud of all the teams’ hard work and dedication which has made this centre the success that it is.

I’m delighted that the building is now open and we can provide a fantastic level of care for our patients in one of the best hospital environments in the country”. 

Even before it opened, the centre was attracting attention due to the quality of the build and the enhancement to patient care that will be delivered due to the improved environment. We have received several visits from the Department of Health, including Secretary of State for health, Jeremy Hunt. We have also been used a case study for our design of four bedded bays and single rooms and this design will now be used across the NHS for other similar Hospital Developments.

Wrightington already has a reputation for being a centre of excellence for Orthopaedic surgery. The Hospital has a long history of innovation and research, built on the legacy created by Professor Sir John Charnley. He is most famous for pioneering hip replacement surgery in the 1960s, but also designed the clean air operating theatre and a system for handling surgical instruments, which reduced infection rates during surgery. We continue to build on his legacy today and are proud of our low infection, revision, re-admission and complication rates.

All of the above means that our patients receive the best possible care and clinical outcomes, and the new Orthopaedic centre will allow us to enhance patient care even further.

The staff are also excited to have moved into their new building.

Diane Olsson, Ward Manager says “Working in a modern environment will allow us to work more efficiently and will energise the staff therefore creating a fantastic experience for all our patients”