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National Glaucoma Awareness Week

Newsdate: 11 June 2015Ophthalmology

National Glaucoma Awareness Week runs from 9th to 15th June and highlights the importance of regular eye checks and early detection, as glaucoma is one of the leading causes of avoidable blindness. It is for this reason that the WWL Eye Clinic (based at Wigan Health Centre, Boston House, in Wigan) is keen to raise awareness of the condition, which affects up to two in 100 people over the age of 40.

Glaucoma develops very slowly and most patients will be unaware they are affected until it is quite advanced.

Yuen Lambert, Ophthalmology Manager at the WWL Eye Unit, says “People often don’t realise their sight is being damaged because the first part of the eye to be affect is the outer field of vision, their peripheral vision. It is important for those with a family history of Glaucoma or for people over 40 to have a regular eye health check up with an Optometrist, as this could ultimately save their sight”.

 Mr. Mars at the WWL Eye Unit
Mr Mars, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon says, “All patients over 40 should see their optometrist who can then refer on to us if necessary.  We have a specific clinic to assess and diagnose glaucoma in a single visit.”

The WWL Eye Unit has assessed approximately 15,000 patients over last 10 years for Glaucoma, and currently has around 7,500 patients attending the glaucoma clinics held at the Wigan Healthcare Centre, Boston House, Wigan and Leigh Infirmary.

The Team are also keen to promote other eye conditions and are holding a strawberry, cake and tea event Monday 6th July at Boston House to raise awareness of macular conditions.

Members of the WWL Eye Unit will also be at the Wigan Life Centre Wednesday, 8th July, 10am to 3pm for a Low Vision Awareness Day, promoting services available for visually impaired people.