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7 Days, No Delays

Newsdate: 13 March 2015

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS FT is getting ready for the launch of a ‘7 Days, No Delays’ exercise, which is due to start Wednesday 22 April 2015.

The concept - to develop a perfect week - is a national improvement programme recommended from the Department of Health. Many other Trusts, up and down the country, have already taken part or are planning to. The results so far have been extremely positive.

7 Days, No Delays is about ensuring that all the processes required to support flow through the hospital run perfectly. This means there are no unnecessary delays slowing down the transfer of care. The project provides an opportunity for everyone within the Trust to think about how they contribute to working towards a common goal of achieving 7 days with no delays.

The week, from Wednesday 22 April until Tuesday 28 April, will allow our staff and those from across the health and social care economy to work together and test changes that can improve the way patients move through the health system. It will also give a better understanding as to why there can be delays.

The projects overriding aim is to deliver an improved patient pathway, where there are zero unnecessary delays, while providing high quality safe patient care.

John Murray, Performance Manager, who is co-ordinating the project, said “7 Days, No Delays will help the Trust to ensure all patients receive excellent care at the right time and in the right place. It perfectly supports our ethos of Safe, Effective, Care and will give all our patients a much better experience.”

John continued: “At the end of the week we are hoping we have improved patient flow through appropriate and safe discharge. This will have the added bonus of reducing the length of stay for our patients and opening up beds for our new patients.”

The results of the 7 Days, No Delays project will be used to continue to progress our practices and procedures for improved patient flow.

Updates of the event will be available on WWL’s Facebook page, while Tweets encouraging involvement and feedback will be available by searching for the hashtag  #WWL7DND on Twitter.