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Internal Inspection December 2014

Newsdate: 8 May 2015

Staff and volunteers carried out the 3rd Internal Inspections in December 2014.
The internal inspection teams found things to celebrate as well as things to improve:

10 Things to Celebrate 10 Things to Improve
Resilience of systems despite pressure Hospital Security at night
RAID Services JDA and CCOT at night
Play Services for children Large number of medically discharged patients still in hospital
Safeguarding for children Antenatal setting in Leigh
Paediatric community Duplication of IT systems
Thomas Linacre Centre Slow computers
Staffed to establishment Play in PECC
Patient Feedback Theatre iv fluids in children
Care, compassion and commitment  of staff Staffing escalated beds in CCU
Clinics should start on time

An action plan for improvement has been completed which will be monitored at the Quality and Safety Committee.

The Internal Inspection and Action plan for improving can be found below:

Many thanks to the staff and volunteers for participating in the inspections, and to all the wards and departments for their co-operation during the inspections.

The next inspections will take place in June 2015.