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Business Intelligence Team Shortlisted for Two Awards

Newsdate: 13 April 2016

WWL is pleased to announce that our Business Intelligence team has been shortlisted for two HSJ Value in Healthcare Awards.

The HSJ (Health Service Journal) is a weekly news print title on the National Health Service and is aimed at health professionals. Its Value in Healthcare Awards aims to recognise NHS organisations that are providing improved, efficient services for their patients.

Business Intelligence has been shortlisted for awards in two different categories. The first is Emergency Medicine, with the second being The Use of Information Technology to Drive Value in Clinical Services. The HSJ Value in Healthcare Awards has been very kind to WWL, with the Trust shortlisted for 5 awards in total.

The HSJ Value in Healthcare Awards will take place on Tuesday 24 May at Manchester Central, Windmill Street, Manchester, M2 3GX.

This great news is a result of the Trust specialising in the design and development of cutting-edge Business Intelligence applications (apps) that support the Trust in delivering safe and effective care.

One of these applications is to support the Trust’s Accident and Emergency (A&E) department. The project behind its development was named “Predicting the Unpredictable” and started back in 2014. It consists of Doctors, Nursing and other key professions. The team continue to meet on a weekly basis to review how both the app and service can continue to improve.

The proof of this is in WWL’s recent A&E ratings results where we achieved an outstanding 95% target for our A&E department. The 95% symbolises that people reporting to our A&E services were seen within four hours, a target set for NHS Trusts by the Department of Health in 2010. We were the only Trust in Greater Manchester to achieve this.

Developing an app for A&E services is by no means an easy task and a great deal of ingenuity went into its creation. The application uses sophisticated algorithms and predictive models, to provide front-line staff with live data so that they can accurately plan ahead for both the long-term and short-term. It also provides a current, up-to-date view of the A&E department and areas around it that affect patient flow.

The app is visible to both staff and the public via a new 70” touchscreen that has been installed in A&E. It is also available to staff on our internal intranet. The A&E team can use its predictions to plan staffing levels for peak days and also peak times during the day.

Since the introduction of the app, our A&E performance has improved and it has been a part of WWL establishing itself as one of the best performing A&E departments in England. It is quite rare for NHS Trusts to be able to predict the demands that will be placed on its Emergency Services. WWL has proved that doing this accurately is not impossible, despite it being a difficult challenge.

The sophistication of the software involved has impressed visitors who have viewed the application. This includes not only our own staff, but also Simon Stevens (NHS England Chief Executive), the media and the Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP (who, at the time, was Shadow Health Secretary). It truly is a cutting-edge innovation in a healthcare setting and a source of great pride for WWL, not least because the project was achieved for our Trust entirely by NHS staff.

Mark Singleton, WWL Head of Business Intelligence, is proud of the Trust’s achievement. He said, “Producing an app as sophisticated as this was not an easy challenge. However, after already 2 years of hard work it’s now scary how accurate its predictions are. The app ensures that our dedicated healthcare staff can plan for the future which was previously un-known.

“This supports us in providing safe and efficient care. Everyone who has and is involved in its design, development and use of the application should be extremely proud of what they’ve already done and continue to achieve.”