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WWL Has Officially Achieved The 95% Accident and Emergency Target for 2015-16

Newsdate: 9 April 2016 Achieved 95 Percent A&E Traget

WWL is proud to announce we have now officially achieved the 95% A&E target for the whole of 2015-16.

In addition, we are the only Acute Trust in Greater Manchester to do so and have produced one of the best performances in England.

A four-hour target in emergency departments was introduced by the Department of Health for NHS England to reduce waiting times and increase patient satisfaction. It was originally set at 98% and later revised to 95% in 2010, which means that at least 95% of patients arriving at an A&E Department must be seen, treated, admitted, transferred or discharged in under four hours.

WWL achieved 97.9% in quarter 1, 96.2% in quarter 2, 94.0% in quarter 3 and 92.4% in quarter 4, giving us an average of 95.1%.

The department has also shown the best results, at our Trust, in the Friends and Family Test for every month this year, with a recommended score of 97% for February-March, another testament to its dedication and commitment.

Mary Fleming, WWL Director of Operations and Performance, was thrilled with the news. She said, “WWL’s A&E department has achieved one of the best performances in England against the national 4 hour waiting standard, which aims to produce better outcomes for patients by reducing unnecessary delays. 

“This strong performance is a reflection of how well the hospital, Social Care, mental health, North West Ambulance and many other services work together successfully as a team for the benefit of patients. As a Trust we are very proud of this achievement and continuously aim to improve our quality and performance.” 

Delighted at the achievement, WWL Chief Executive, Andrew Foster, applauded the magnificent A&E Department for its effort and hard work.

The Chief Executive also acknowledged the internal teamwork that made the target possible. He said,

“Our achievement is also the result of the massive internal teamwork between A&E, bed managers, discharge teams, nursing and medical staff, admin and clerical staff, corporate communications, porters, domestics, catering, pathology, pharmacy, sterile services, radiology, theatres, phlebotomists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, other therapists, bereavement staff, palliative care staff, managers, volunteers and everyone who contributes to the great team spirit of WWL.”

He added, “This marvellous accomplishment is also the result of the fantastic collaboration with and support from our external colleagues. The CCG, Wigan Council social care staff, 5-Boroughs mental healthcare staff, Bridgewater community care staff,  NWAS ambulance staff and various volunteer groups have all contributed by helping to either direct people to the correct services, and so avoiding the hospital, or assisted with the safe discharge of patients from hospital.”