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Art for Health – Spring Exhibition

Newsdate: 12 April 2016Nick Bastow

This month WWL moved into its second year of showcasing pieces by local artists for our Art for Health project. Art for Health is a wonderful opportunity for the Trust to help improve the environment for our patients and staff and all the people who visit our premises.

The Art for Health Team are passionate about the importance of the arts in healthcare and the difference it can make to the experiences of our patients, visitors and staff. They work with artists, musicians, writers and other creative professionals to deliver stimulating activities for everyone in our hospitals. They are often closely involved with any new building or refurbishment projects at the Trust to ensure aesthetics are taken into considerations.

Facilities Manager Nick Bastow and lead for Art for Health, commented “We are privileged to have such a huge breadth of talented artists who exhibit their pieces for the Trust. The exhibitions are a great source of interest for our patients and staff alike. Even if the exhibits aren’t to everyone’s taste, they do provoke comment and discussion, which is wonderful. This project has enabled WWL to integrate arts into the healthcare environment, bringing with it enormous therapeutic benefits for our patients and staff, and enjoyment for the wider local community. I would like to say a huge thank you to all exhibitors for their support. As the project continues to grow and develop, it will increase the awareness that access and involvement in the arts can have a positive influence in promoting discussion, interaction and health and well-being for everyone.” Colin Thompson

Local photographer, Colin Thompson, is displaying his images for the first time at the Trust. Colin recalled how a chance find of an electrical shop voucher lead to his first step into photography. After a year of experimenting with, and getting used to how his new camera works, the photography bug bit! Colin now watches YouTube tutorials to gain all the skills and knowledge he needs to produce the spectacular images displayed in the corridors of the hospital. To further support his passion, Colin converted his attic into a studio and now spends as much of his spare time as possible devoted to his new talent. Colin, from Ashton, says, “Patience is important in photography. I have been on many trips to the Lake District and not even taken a shot. It’s all about timing. I’d also like to add a big thanks to Artisan Framing. Without theAnthony Barrowir help I would not have been able to take part in the exhibition. ”

Many of the pieces on display are from amateur artists and art groups from Wigan, who have previously exhibited. Anthony Barrow was one of the first professional artists to exhibit at the Trust, and instrumental in the setting up of the exhibition in 2014. As well being an accomplished artist, Anthony holds classes for many of the exhibitors at the Trust. Anthony commented “I encourage the artists to experiment with medium they wouldn’t normally use. This helps then to expand their skills and find the right method and medium for their individual creativity.”

Made up of more than 200 high quality, original local works of art by 57 different artists, the Art in Health Spring collection is both remarkable and unique.

Because it is displayed in the corridors of our hospital, the works are viewed by thousands of people every year. This opens up the art world to people who may not have the opportunity to access works of art and appreciate what is created locally.