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Wigan Warriors Pay Visit to Rainbow Ward

Newsdate: 16 December 2016 Wigan Warriors visit Rainbow Ward

As the holidays are quickly approaching, Christmas cheer is being spread all over the community. One such instance occurred on 14 December when players from the Wigan Warriors paid a visit to the children and staff of the Rainbow Ward at WWL.

Armed with boxes of chocolates the players took some time out of their busy practice schedules to visit some of the children who are staying at Wigan Infirmary. They posed for pictures, signed autographs and chatted with the young patients and staff all in the hopes of spreading a little bit of cheer this holiday season.

The yearly visit is a great opportunity for the children to interact with some of their favourite athletes. Wigan Warrior Taulima Tautai said “It is always one of the highlights to visit the hospital at Christmas; the kids are always keen to see us which is great. Obviously it’s not great for them to be in there at this time of year but it’s nice that we’re able to go and put a few smiles on their faces.”

A special thanks goes out to former The Co-Operative Director Patrick Grange who generously supplied the boxes of chocolates.

“The guys really enjoyed it and I’d just like to wish all the staff and patients a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017.” said Taulima.