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“Diary of a Bed Number” Premieres at WWL

Newsdate: 23 February 2016Dementia Film Premiere

A brand new educational film, about the difficult subject of dementia, was screened for the very first time at Wigan Infirmary, on Thursday 18 February.

The film was the brainchild of Jean Ramsdale, Lead Nurse for Dementia at WWL, and was produced by, Preston-based company, Red Pencil Productions. It tells the fictional story of a dementia patient, Lucy, and her challenging journey through hospital once she had been admitted.

Among those in attendance at the film screening were; Trust Board Members, Senior Nursing staff, plus members of the cast and crew.

Although a fictional account of a dementia patient’s journey, the thought-provoking film provides incredible insight into what someone suffering from dementia goes through. It also highlights the effects that seemingly inconsequential actions by staff can have on the patient, even though they seemed harmless at the time. Roseanna Leathley gives a highly emotive performance as Lucy.

It is hoped that the film will become a highly useful training resource for WWL staff. At our Trust, all staff, both clinical and non-clinical already undergo dementia training through our online e-training modules. In the past year, Trust staff gained a superbly respectable 98.7% pass rate. In addition, Jean Ramsdale and her team provide dementia training at care homes, voluntary groups, schools and colleges. This training has been delivered to over 1500 people.

There are also two day, “dementia champion” courses available to our staff. These will next be held on Thursday 14 April – Friday 15 April.

The focus on dementia training comes as part of a new campaign that will be coming to Greater Manchester. The initiative, entitled “Dementia United,” which will formally launch in March 2016, aims to ensure that residents of Greater Manchester receive excellence in dementia care. This will not only involve care in hospitals and care homes, but also attempt to ensure that people with dementia can live well with their condition. Dementia Film Premiere

Pauline Law, Acting Director of Nursing at WWL, introduced the film to the audience in the lecture theatre of our Medical Education Building.

She said, “We are really very proud of our film that you’re about to see. I have already seen it and it is terrific. On behalf of WWL, I would like to thank Red Pencil Productions for their superb work on this project. I would also like to thank our staff who have performed in this film. You are about to see the fruits of your labour.” 

Jean Ramsdale was thoroughly pleased with how the evening went. She said, “I would like to thank Red Pencil Productions and WWL staff for their dedicated work in making this film a reality. Hopefully the film can become a valuable resource for our staff as we try and improve our high level of care for our patients. All involved with this project can be incredibly proud of what they’ve produced.”