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Gold Standards Framework Launched on Ince and Winstanley Wards

Newsdate: 18 February 2016End of Life Care Team

WWL was pleased to launch the Gold Standard Frameworks for End of Life care on two of its wards, Ince and Winstanley Monday 15 February.

The initiative was launched by Stephen Riddaway, Palliative Care Nurse, with substantial support from Janette Sanders, Palliative Care Specialist Nurse, and the rest of WWL’s Palliative Care team. Previously, the Trust had gone live with the Gold Standards Framework on Astley and Standish Wards in November 2015.

It outlines certain standards carers should abide by when providing palliative care. The World Health Organisation describes palliative care as, “The active, holistic care of patients with advanced, progressive illnesses.”

The Gold Standards Framework is endorsed by the Department of Health, Care Quality Commission and many other health agencies such as the “End of Life Care Programme”.

The Gold Standard Framework in End of Life Care aims to:

  • Improve the quality of care.
  • Improve collaboration and coordination.
  • Reduce hospitalisation.
  • Improve cost-effectiveness
  • Enable more patients to die at home.

There are 5 gold standards to abide by:

  • Right people
  • Right care
  • Right place
  • Right time
  • Every time

There are also three simple steps that the Gold Standards Framework indicates you should follow. Firstly, staff must identify patients who are in the last year of their life. Secondly, they must then assess their current, future, clinical and personal needs. Thirdly, they must plan cross-boundary care (care provided in different places/settings) and provide quality care in a patient’s final days.

WWL aims to provide the highest possible quality of care for patients undergoing End of Life Care.

Stephen Riddaway, Palliative Nurse, who helped launch, and enabled, the initiative, outlined its aims. He said, “Basically the purpose of the Gold Standards Framework is to empower patients and their loved ones to make choices about their own care, preferences and wishes, while on their end of life journey.
“We intend to identify those patients who have potentially embarked on that journey and give them access to the support and guidance they want, need and deserve.

“The palliative care team at WWL feel that end of life care should be viewed with as much importance as that at the beginning of life.”