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WWL Staff Survey Results

Newsdate: 25 February 2016

We are absolutely delighted to report that we have received our best ever annual staff survey results. Not only have we managed to maintain strong levels of staff engagement during a period of real change and pressure for the NHS, we have actually improved further.  This year we are the best in the NHS acute sector for 12 of the 32 key findings and 3rd nationally for overall engagement in the same group.  We believe that by ensuring our staff are supported, involved and given the opportunity to contribute to improvements, that patients receive the highest level of care possible.  This year, we are again proud that almost 80% of our staff recommend WWL as a place to work and a place to receive treatment, which sees us performing 6th against all NHS acute Trusts nationally.  The overall survey results are the best in the North West acute and acute / community Trusts and when read in conjunction with the national patient survey really demonstrates the quality of service our staff provide.

Alison Balson, Director of Workforce says: "I welcome the report which shows our overall performance in the annual staff survey has improved again this year.  So much work has gone on in the Trust to support and engage our staff over a number of years and to be the best performing acute Trust in the North West is a testament to the commitment and dedication of our staff.” 

WWL really values the feedback from staff and has developed a staff engagement programme which obtains views from staff on a quarterly basis.  This enables us to act quickly on the issues identified, ensuring that we are always aware of trends and new issues. Many Trusts do not have access to this type of staff feedback and rely solely on the National staff survey. The quarterly pulse surveys and associated actions have been integral to shaping our organisational culture, helping us become one of the best NHS Trusts to work for in the country.

We recognise the need to continually improve and innovate.  A particular focus in 2016/17 will be on enhancing staff health and well-being, where new staff support services will become available (including access to mindfulness programmes, mental health awareness, resilience training, to name a few).