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Wonderful Artwork Presented to WWL by Local School

Newsdate: 4 July 2016 St Marys School

WWL was thrilled to receive some fabulous artwork from enthusiastic pupils from St Mary’s school on Wednesday 29 June.

Receiving the work and putting it on display, on behalf of WWL, was Facilities Manager,
Nick Bastow. Accompanying the children on their visit to the hospital was St Mary’s school Year One teacher, Scott Beardsworth.

The exhibition of the children’s superb work took place at Wigan Hospital adjacent to the chapel on the site. It was the culmination of a brilliant scheme run by the school, which drew inspiration from Enabling Enterprise, an award-winning social enterprise established in 2009.

The organisation was set up by a team of teachers and, has worked with over 35,000 students in the last year. Their mission is to equip young people with the skills, experiences and aspirations they need to succeed in life.

St Marys School Art Work

The project at St Mary’s Primary school was brought about by the teachers desire to follow the Enabling Enterprise philosophy, and provide improved opportunities for their pupils. There are eight skills that are taught and developed through Enabling Enterprises’ projects. They are; aiming high, staying positive, listening and understanding, being creative, problem solving, working in a team, presenting and leading.

The project that St Mary’s chose was an art gallery. The children worked together in teams to produce several pieces of artwork before creating a masterpiece. This collaborative working meant that the children had to listen to each other and share their ideas, in order to improve each other’s work. At the end of the project, there was an exhibition established to celebrate and recognise their achievement.St Marys School Art Work The children also got to act out roles that would exist in an art gallery, such as curators and security guards.

When we at WWL heard about this fantastic project, we were eager to give the children a wider platform to display their work. Nick Bastow, Facilities Manager, got in touch with the school to offer a part of the Wigan Hospital site for the pupils to show off their work.

The children were very happy to have their work displayed. Tashley Ncube, who has painted two pictures for the exhibition said, “I want to be an artist. Not just to be an artist but to also make people happy. I like to draw art to give to my friends to keep, to make them happy.”

Year One teacher at St Mary’s, Scott Beardsworth said, “"The children really enjoyed the project because they got the opportunity to practise new skills and be inspired by famous artists to create their own masterpieces. This has benefited the children to feel very proud that their work has been able to cheer up all different people who are in the hospital"

Nick was delighted to be involved in the project. He said, “I think what the children have produced at St Mary’s is tremendous. They seem to have had a huge amount of fun working on this project and hopefully they will have learnt a great deal. We were only too happy to display their work at our hospital. At WWL we take great pride in being involved with the local community and this is the latest example of our community engagement.”