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Wrightington’s Orthopaedic Unit Welcomes Visitors from Dubai

Newsdate: 18 July 2016 Dubai_Team

Staff at Wrightington Hospital’s new Orthopaedic Unit were proud to receive visitors from Dubai this week. A team from the Dubai Bone and Joint Hospital Project, which included clinical staff, architects and operational leads, toured the Unit, including the impressive barn theatres.

The Team from Dubai requested the visit as they had heard about how successful the Wrightington development had been in providing a much better environment for patients and staff, as well as, allowing new ways of working, which improved patient outcomes and efficiency.

The Unit has received Wrightington_Barn_Theatresa lot of positive feedback since it opened in December 2015, from patients and staff who are delighted with the quality of their new surroundings. The Department of Health has visited several times and used the Unit as a case study; as they believe the build has set the standard for this kind of development in terms of quality, the way the project was managed, delivered on time and within budget.

The Team responsible for constructing the Unit at Wrightington recently won a National Health Service Journal Value in Healthcare Award, in the Estates Management Category. The awards aim to recognise NHS Organisations who have provided excellent efficiency, whilst improving their performance.

The visitors from Dubai were able to take a look around the facility and ask questions regarding the construction; as well as seeking advice from clinical and operational teams regarding how they adapted and changed their systems to improve patient care, whilst creating efficiencies. It is hoped that they can use this information and apply it to their own building project back in Dubai.

Mike Watson, Project Manager on the Wrightington Development, said “It has been a real pleasure showing round our visitors from Dubai. We are immensely proud of the Orthopaedic Unit at Wrightington and all that we have achieved here. We hope that sharing our experience and knowledge will help the Dubai Bone and Joint Hospital Project become just as successful”

The visitors from Dubai were greatly impressed and said that they had learned a lot from the visit and would look at how they could apply this knowledge to their own hospital project.

Pictured: Mike Watson (third left) with team from Dubai and Wrightington’s Barn Theatre Complex