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Local Couple Make Generous Donation to Local Neonatal Unit

Newsdate: 28 June 2016Neonatal Unit Donation

WWL’s Neonatal Unit was the beneficiary of a very kind donation by a local couple from Scholes, Wigan, on Thursday 9 June.

John Round and Eunice Round, were joined by their 4-year-old granddaughter, Scarlett Long, who was cared for as a baby on the Unit, as they presented a cheque for £685 to Unit staff.

Scarlett was born early needing the support of our dedicated and compassionate staff on the Neonatal Unit. Her mother, Zoe Round, is John and Eunice’s granddaughter.

John was incredibly moved by the birth of his granddaughter, “I couldn’t believe the feeling, she weighed 3lbs when she was born, and I couldn’t believe the feeling of holding that 3lbs in my own two hands,” he said at the presentation, smiling from ear to ear.

He also left, very impressed with the hard work and compassion shown by WWL staff on the Unit. A proud Wiganer, he decided that he wanted to make a contribution to his local hospital.

John said, “I vowed that if I lived to 80 years of age, that instead of wanting presents for my birthday, I would like people to make donations to the Unit.”

He kept to his word and, after turning 80 on Sunday 29 May, he received his donations from friends and family. Subsequently, he was able to present Neonatal Unit staff with his fabulous donation. The money John raised will make a positive contribution to the services that we offer at the Unit, leading to benefits for babies and families.

WWL Head of Midwifery and Children’s Services, Diane Swindlehurst, was delighted with the very generous donation made by the Rounds. She said, “We are absolutely delighted to receive this very kind donation from the Round family and I would like to thank them immensely. Our Neonatal Unit staff are tremendously dedicated and provide compassionate care for babies and their families during what is obviously a stressful time in their lives. This fabulous donation will go towards our efforts to continually improve the services we provide at the Unit.”