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WWL Counts Down to #HISGoLive

Newsdate: 21 June 2016

WWL is just days away from launching the new Health Information System (HIS). The new system will help to support the delivery of safer, faster, more efficient care for patients.

Preparation is in full swing to ensure a smooth #HISGoLive on 28 June 2016.

Speaking of which Martyn Smith, Head of Production and Modernisation at WWL, says,  “After 16 months of building and testing the new system and over 32.5 million existing documents from our previous systems being loaded, it is technically ready to go. Over 4000 staff are finalising their training now in preparation.”

The team ran Stress Tests with clinical staff to ensure the new system is safe, stable and strong. They are testing daily to find and fix issues to ensure the system is operationally ready for use on 28 June 2016.

They will also be conducting a Dress Rehearsal to test support processes, identify potential issues and prepare for them.

Before the launch, Control and Command Centres will be set up to log and handle troubleshooting calls.

Graeme Hodgson, IM&T Programme Manager, Production and Modernisation at WWL explains, “The plan is to offer 24/7 support for the first two weeks following #HISGoLive and 16/7 afterwards. The entire Trust is coming together to provide appropriate support.

“We are also grateful to our neighbouring Trusts—Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust and Bolton NHS Foundation Trust—who have offered to send members of their staff to support #HISGoLive.”

The idea is to make the transition from the existing system to the new HIS as seamless as possible.

This is to ensure that patients face the least amount of difficulty and delays in their care while the clinical staff is still getting used to working on the new system. 

You can see more about our plans for the launch of HIS on Tuesday 28 June by watching the following video on YouTube: