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WWL Staff Engagement Team Shortlisted for an Award

Newsdate: 10 June 2016Go Engage Launch

WWL is thrilled to announce that our Staff Engagement Team have been shortlisted for a CIPD People Management Award.

The CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel Development) is a professional body for HR and people development. It is committed to championing better work and working lives. Their People Management Awards seek to recognise outstanding achievement in people management, learning development and acknowledge the critical importance that both have towards the overall success of an organisation.

Our dedicated Staff Engagement Team has been shortlisted in the Go Engage LaunchBest Employee Engagement Initiative for their incredible, innovative work in developing and establishing their own staff engagement model at the Trust. It is called Go Engage.

Since implementation, the Go Engage model has led to dramatic, positive changes at WWL in relation to how effectively we engage with our own staff and, most importantly, how this effective engagement with staff has led to positive results for our patients. Essentially, happy staff leads to better results.

Go Engage was created by our team in response to some pretty damning facts our Trust had to confront a short time ago. Between 2007 and 2011, it was safe to say that WWL was one of the woGo Engage Launchrst performing NHS Trusts for employee engagement.

The NHS Staff Survey, which measures overall employee engagement in approximately 150 NHS Acute Trusts, ranked WWL in the bottom 20%. They found that we had a poor culture and low staff morale. Worst of all, this was having knock-on effect for the care that we were providing, with 516 patients being harmed in 2007-2008.

To meet this challenge, our Staff Engagement Team established Go Engage to gain a deeper understanding of the science behind employee engagement and to install interventions that would provide a continuous improvement approach, leading to long-term, sustainable benefits.

Key to the new approach was the integration of expert, psychological research which focussed on 9 employee engagement enablers. They were; Influence, Clarity, Work Relationships, Perceived Fairness, Recognition, Personal Development, Mindset, Resources and Trust.

Also essential to the programme was the establishing of a new IT platform to survey our employees. Our Team secured a strong partnership with IGS to create Xopa. This new system enabled Staff Engagement to survey employees every three months. The data produced was then used to identify problematic areas that needed addressing.

For example, in 2014, the system identified a 9 month decline in Mindset and Energy levels, which was leading to a rise in sickness levels. It also identified that A&E staff were the most at-risk for displaying this trend. As a result, resilience programmes were put in place to help staff and there was also the establishment of Mindfulness training. The end result was an improvement in the statistics and a steady decline in sickness, one of the real successes of the system.

Go Engage has contributed significantly to a lot of WWL’s successes in recent years. The improved morale and culture of the staff has had a hugely positive impact on the care our patients receive. For example, WWL has enjoyed sustained improvements in quality and performance, such as:

  • An 86% reduction in harms to patients between 2007/08 and 2014/15.
  • We achieved a 93% reduction in C.Diff cases in the same period.
  • Our A&E Department achieved the 95% target in 2015/16.

As well as this, staff have given the team feedback such as, “Since we embarked on the employee engagement programme, the culture of the team has dramatically improved, such that we now look forward to coming to work.”

WWL Head of Staff Engagement, Nicole Ferguson, is delighted with the news. She said, ““We are thrilled that our Go Engage Programme has received recognition from the national industry body in HR. We have been on an exciting and challenging journey developing the programme, so it is fantastic to be nominated and acknowledged in this way. We have also collaborated with some great organisations to further share and embed the Go Engage programme, so we would like to share in this acknowledgement with them.”