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WWL Truly is Outstanding!

Newsdate: 9 March 2016

Today the Department of Health published its first ‘Learning from Mistakes’ league table which ranks Trusts on their ‘openness and honesty’. We are absolutely delighted to report that we have been ranked 6th in the country and one of only 18 Trusts nationally achieving a ranking of outstanding. The Department of Health based their data on safety reporting and the NHS Staff Survey.
Andrew Foster Chief Executive says:  “This is truly excellent news and rewards what we hope to achieve from our open and honest culture. I would like to congratulate everyone at WWL; as every member of staff has played a big part in this and it really is a whole organisation effort. You are all outstanding; this is a testament to your commitment and dedication. The results demonstrate that quality and putting patient safety first are built into our culture at WWL and that we really do learn from our mistakes.

At WWL we believe that it is essential to take all concerns seriously and investigate them properly. This enables us to provide the best standard of care and treatment to our patients. Concerns and complaints are a standard agenda item at our Trust board, where every month the Executive Board watches a video of a patient or staff story. This is hugely important, as by listening to the stories the Executive Board are then able to take strategic action to deliver improvements for our patients. We encourage a culture where raising concerns is normal practice and foster an environment where they are taken seriously and investigated properly. It is also very reassuring that our staff feel confident and  secure in reporting unsafe clinical practice and feel able to contribute towards improvements at work. This can only help us to provide the best quality of care for our patients.

Alison Balson, Director of Workforce says: “I am really thrilled and proud of WWL’s success and coupled with the excellent results we received in the recent staff survey shows that WWL is a really fabulous Trust. I echo Andrew’s sentiments that this really is a testament to the whole organisation and our staff.”

Pauline Law, Acting Director of Nursing says: “We always state that we are open and transparent at WWL and that we report everything with absolute candour.  This result clearly proves it. Our staff are obviously confident in reporting and speaking out whenever they witness something that could put a patient at risk of harm. They do this in the clear knowledge that there is no risk of reprisal and that their concerns will always be acted upon. All members of staff at WWL are positively encouraged to raise concerns and make improvements themselves.”

Andrew continues: “I cannot reiterate how pleased I am with this outstanding result, however at WWL we always continue to strive for improvement.  We recently hosted a ‘Learning from Excellence’ event with staff across all disciplines and governors. During the day we looked at how we investigate and learn from significant events when things go wrong, whilst carefully avoiding a blame culture and particularly, involving complainants and their families. This is another step to raising our Trust to an even higher level of quality and patient safety.”