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Family from Shevington Makes Incredible Donation at Rainbow Ward

Newsdate: 24 March 2016Rainbow Ward Donation

A local family from Shevington made a huge donation to the Rainbow Ward at Wigan Infirmary on Monday 21 March. The Rainbow Ward is our paediatrics ward, providing care for children.

The Molyneux family had raised the incredible sum of £3000 by producing a magnificent lights display at Christmas time at their house. Once they had raised the money, they then contacted staff on the Rainbow Ward to find out what was needed, so they could then go out and buy what was required. Our staff gave them the information and the Molyneux family duly obliged.

Gillian and Paul Molyneux came along to the ward to present what they had bought. They were accompanied by their three young boys, Ethan, Alfie and Theo.

The sheer number of gifts they had brought to the infirmary was highly impressive. Among the items they provided were; a microwave for the parent’s room, prams to push young children around the ward, a whole host of toys, a Playstation 3 for the play room, special needs seating and a whole new set of soft play toys.

Both staff and patients alike were delighted to receive such a huge donation. However, Paul Molyneux was decidedly modest when commenting, despite the vast amount of items in their hugely generous, charitable donation.

He said, “Basically the boys have been patients on the ward a few times and this was just a way of giving something back.”

Both he and Gillian are satisfied with what they’ve achieved. Gillian described the feeling as, “Ace,” whereas Paul simply said, “It feels very good to have got the work done.”
It is hoped that the new toys and equipment can benefit our patients on Rainbow Ward. Spending time in hospital is a stressful time for any patient, but especially for a child. It is hope with extra toys available, their wellbeing will be improved.

Diane Swindlehurst, WWL Head of Midwifery, Children’s & Patient Services, was thrilled with the donation. She said, “On behalf of WWL, I would like to give huge thanks to the Molyneux family for their thoughtfulness and outstanding generosity. The toys and equipment that they have provided us with will really benefit both patients and staff on Rainbow Ward.”