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Service Road Closure at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary

Newsdate: 15 March 2016

Patients and visitors to the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan, are advised that the service road, to the rear of the hospital, will be closed on Thursday 24 March between 6am and 3pm. This is due to a large crane carrying out maintenance work in the area.

Plans are in place to ensure there is minimal disruption, with Hospital Security putting on extra staff to ensure the day runs smoothly. However, patients and visitors are advised that there will be some restrictions in place.

There will be restricted access to vehicles past Car Park D. Security staff will be in place to ensure that only vehicles delivering to stores and ambulances requiring access to the rear entrance of level one will be allowed through. Car Park D (in front of the Cancer Care Centre) will still be available to patients and visitors.

There will also be restricted access to vehicles past car parks A, B and C. Security staff will also be on hand to ensure that only vehicles requiring pick up access from the Cardiology Department are let through. Any vehicles requiring Cardiology pick up will have to exit the way that they came.  Car parks A, B and C will be functioning as normal, unaffected by the temporary changes.

No access will be granted at all to pedestrians, or vehicles, around the maintenance site. There will be fencing and signage in place to make sure people are aware of the affected area. No unauthorised access is allowed. The area in question is the rear of Pemberton, Aspull and Orrell Wards.

The main entrances to the hospital from Wigan Lane will be unaffected by the changes and access to Accident and Emergency will continue as normal.

WWL would like to apologise for any potential inconvenience this, temporary, road closure may cause to patients and visitors. Normal service will be resumed after 3pm and evening patients and visitors will be unaffected by the changes.

PDF Document Download a site map detailing the affected areas