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Two WWL Consultants Receive Prestigious Awards

Newsdate: 1 March 2016

Two WWL consultants have both received prestigious honours from the National Clinical Excellence Awards.

The awards, announced on Friday 15 January, aim to honour NHS Consultants and academic GPs who perform “over and above” the standard expected of their role. Both of WWL’s candidates certainly fit the criteria.

In order to receive the awards, prospective nominees must go through a rigorous application process. They are presented by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA), on behalf of the Department of Health, who receives nominations from NHS Trusts across England and Wales.

Firstly, Professor Nirmal Kumar, ENT Consultant, was successful getting his Silver Award renewed. Meanwhile, Martyn Porter, Orthopaedic Consultant received a Gold Award.

Professor Kumar received his award because he continues to demonstrate an exemplary approach to maintaining good clinical practice. He has been instrumental in developing our services, whilst driving forward the education of the future medical workforce at both a national and regional level.

Mr Porter’s success was built off his outstanding dedication and hard work, throughout his career, in developing his interest in complex hip revisions. He has been recognised for his leadership in the delivery of a high-class hip service.

Mr Porter is very interested in providing high quality and safe patient care.  Over the last two years he has worked as the Medical Director of the National Joint Registry of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  This audit has driven through valuable improvements in patient care.

WWL is very proud to have both of these incredible consultants working for us. The high standards that they have set are an inspiration to many of our staff.

Mr Martyn Porter, Orthopaedic Consultant said, “I am extremely pleased to have received this award and feel it reflects on the Trust as well as myself. I would like to thank Andrew Foster, Chief Executive and Umesh Prabhu, Medical Director. 

“I am also very aware that there are people who are doing just as good a job as me who have not been rewarded. There are many other good doctors in the North West region who are doing similar work, and I recognise the hard work that they are doing, also.”