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Patients to Benefit from Modernised Pharmacy Service

Newsdate: 7 November 2016

As of Monday 7th November 2016, the way pharmacy services are provided at the Thomas Linacre Centre will change.  While regular pharmacy services will cease, patients with a cancer diagnosis will continue to benefit from an enhanced pharmacy service provided within the outpatient clinic at Thomas Linacre Centre. The dedicated cancer service will allow patients to receive support, counselling and guidance on their medication alongside nursing and medical colleagues.

For patients that have not received a cancer diagnosis, prescriptions will still be provided.  In the majority of cases, these will need to be dispensed in the community in the same way as a GP prescription. This will provide patients with a greater choice as they will now be able to take their prescription to their local pharmacy or any pharmacy on the high street.

For patients whose prescription can only be supplied by a hospital, a dedicated door to door delivery service will be available.  This includes medicines which are not available in a local high street pharmacy and any medicines for vulnerable patients who are unable to visit their local pharmacy.  These medications can also be collected from the pharmacies at Wigan infirmary, Leigh Infirmary and Wrightington hospital if patients so wish. 

The re-provision of the pharmacy at TLC will allow for additional phlebotomy services, additional consulting rooms and additional space for the breast screening service. It will also create space for the provision of a counselling room that can be used for patients and families.

An advice-line is available for patients if they have any concerns or queries about their medication or the new service: 01942 773104 9am to 5pm or email

The changes to the way we provide Pharmacy services at the Thomas Linacre Centre will enable the Trust to reinvest over £0.5 Million in the next 10 years in improving patient services.

Mike Parks, Chief Pharmacist for WWL said, “We are fully committed to making the safety of our patients and the quality of their care our highest priority. The changes we are making to the Pharmacy Services will support that commitment and will provide a modernised, more effective and efficient service for all our patients.”