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Mayor of Wigan and Local MP Join WWL for Official Opening of the Newly Refurbished Theatres

Newsdate: 28 November 2016 Theatre Opening

WWL welcomed The Mayor of Wigan, Councillor Ron Conway and Local MP Lisa Nandy to assist with the official opening of the newly refurbished Laparoscopic Theatres Three and Four on 25 November.

In keeping with WWL’s commitment to continually improve on the services that we offer, it was decided last year that two of our Theatres would receive a complete renovation, including new ventilation, updated equipment and the creation of a new high-tech minimal invasive laparoscopic suite. 

“This refurbishment was a great feat by our facility and theatre staff that took some time and caused some minor headaches but in the end just gave us further evidence of how cooperative and resourceful our staff are in ensuring that patient flow and quality of care is our top priority.” said Andrew Foster, Chief Executive, WWL.

In fact, staff went above and beyond to ensure that while the theatres were under construction, there was very little disruption to patient care. This was done thanks to staff volunteering to work over the weekends and on holidays and putting in the time needed to see that patient flow and satisfaction was maintained. “The only real problem that has arisen since we’ve had access to the new theatres is that staff are fighting over when it’s their turn to work in them!” joked Jawad Hussain, Joint Acting Medical Director.

The project was further supported by staff on our Leigh site who accommodated patients on overnight stays to ensure continuity of care and service provision. “This project has truly been a tribute to the hard work that is shown by staff all across the Trust. I hear it from so many people that I come across, from my friends and family to my colleagues and constituents; the staff of WWL are dedicated people that will go to the ends of the earth for their patients and are always seeking out ways to improve their services.” said Lisa Nandy, MP.

“In a time when we are fighting to keep valuable NHS services from being cut, it is important to see that Trusts such as this one are continuing to invest in their great teams by investing in great services that will inevitably lead to great outcomes.” Lisa continued. And what a great service it is, with the new theatres in place we now have a state of the art facility that ensures our patients receive up-to-date care with the latest technology available allowing our staff to give the best care possible to patients across the borough.