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New Age Well Unit to Provide Specialist Care to WWL Patients

Newsdate: 1 November 2016Age Well Unit

WWL is launching a new service providing quick and effective care aimed at reducing the time spent in hospital for patients who may benefit from a more personalised multi-disciplinary assessment. The Age Well unit, which consists of 14 beds, seven male and seven female, will open on the 1 November at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary.

The aim of the unit is to be a short-stay unit providing an early assessment and treatment of the patient’s needs in preparation for a safe discharge. Patients will be admitted to the Age Well unit via A&E where they will begin treatment.

The maximum stay on the unit will be 72 hours and patients will be provided with quick effective care in order to prevent longer than necessary stays in hospital. The arrangements for after hospital care will also be commenced as part of the admission process so that the patient can continue their recovery whilst in the comfort of their own home or alternate care facility.

Prolonged stays in the hospital can sometimes be detrimental for patients with complex needs and can have a negative effect on their overall health and well-being. Continual unnecessary bed rest and lack of independence can often slow down recovery in certain patients. The Age Well Unit will provide a more unique environment than what is found on a normal hospital ward.

Age Well staff will support patients to maintain their independence by encouraging them to dress themselves, sit out of bed for periods of time, including meal times, and to participate in their own care. This will help to ensure that our patients are well enough to safely return to their everyday lives and routines in the timeliest of manners.

The services offered by the unit will be provided by a specialist team that will include a Consultant in Elderly Care, Elderly Care Specialist nurses and a multi-disciplinary team including a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, dietician and podiatrist.

“I feel certain that this unit will provide a positive patient, carer and staff experience allowing our patients to maintain independence and be cared for in the most appropriate place for their needs.” Says Pauline Law, Director of Nursing.