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WWL Pre Degree BTEC Programme in partnership with Wigan and Leigh College

Newsdate: 1 November 2016 Student Nurses

September marked the beginning of a new educational opportunity for students from Wigan and Leigh College. Both the college and the trust have partnered together to introduce a new Pre Degree BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) programme for students working towards a career in nursing.

Nine students from the local area have been recruited to participate in the course that will eventually lead to a position as a nurse within WWL. The BTEC Level Three Extended Diploma will see students in the college classroom for the majority of the course with a one day a week placement at the Trust.

The course will run over two years and will provide students with the opportunity to work in a range of practice settings and to receive valuable hands-on learning experiences. The aim of the course is to give students the opportunity to develop the necessary knowledge and skills needed for them to pursue their pre-registration nursing degrees in 2018.

The nine students were selected based on their values and behaviours and have exceeded expectations by proving to be excellent students who approach their responsibilities with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. The past six weeks have included clinical induction, where the students have learned about some of the more fundamental aspects of nursing care. At the end of the six weeks, the students will take what they have learned and put it into practice as they begin their placements within the Trust.

“We have developed a really new and exciting programme in partnership with Wigan and Leigh College. The hope is that these students will go onto to form the WWL School of Nursing in the next couple of years. Because they may become important members of our future workforce the trust is fully supportive of the development of these youngsters.” Said Amanda Cheesman, Assistant Director of Nursing for Professional Practice.