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Live Surgical Training Event

Newsdate: 18 October 2016

An innovative surgical training event for the North-West is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 19 October at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan. Surgical trainees from Greater Manchester and Merseyside will have the opportunity to observe live keyhole surgery during their training day.

With modern technology available now at WWL, live operating is accessible to a much larger audience. “With the changes in the surgical training programme it is necessary to adopt innovations and use modern technologies for the delivery of training” said Mr. Marius Paraoan, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and Clinical Director at WWL.

Mr. Paraoan continues: “Surgery is traditionally taught in operating theatres. This means that only a limited number of trainees can directly observe a surgical procedure at any time. With the modern technology available at WWL we can now bring live surgery to the lecture theatre and also impart knowledge to a larger audience (up to 100 trainees) at the same time.”

Having the ability to broadcast live surgery in our lecture theatre is an invaluable tool to teach a larger audience, not only the surgical technique itself, but also the process of surgical decision making, team working and interaction.

In bringing live surgery to WWL, we believe that we can not only deliver better care for our patients but also a better working environment for our staff. In addition, this fulfils our obligation to train and inspire the future generation of doctors.

The media is invited to attend this live surgical training event.

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