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New Post Critical Care Rehabilitation Centre to Help Improve Patient Recovery

Newsdate: 7 October 2016 Critical Care Service Launch

The WWL’s Critical Care Outreach Team (CCOT) is pleased to announce that they have opened a new Post Critical Care Rehabilitation unit on 5 October.

Critical illness can happen to any person at any time and can change someone’s life within an instant. To help improve our patient’s experience and ease them back into everyday life, we will now be able to deliver a post hospital discharge rehabilitation programme and follow-up service.

Some of the negative effects of a critical illness can include muscle weakness and atrophy, reduced balance and coordination, joint pains, lack of energy and emotional and personal issues. With the help of our CCOT therapists, patients can receive full therapy and rehabilitation in the new unit that features an on-site gym. By utilising the specialised equipment, therapists can perform a number of treatments including fall assessments and avoidance, early rehabilitation for amputees, assistance with reduced mobility and stroke support.

With access to post critical care rehabilitation patients may see a reduction in the time they need to spend in the hospital and also gain the ability to return to their regular lives in much less time. In addition, patients may notice;

  • Improved mobility and physical activity
  • Reduced risk of readmissions
  • Improved quality of life following critical care

The ribbon cutting ceremony took place on 5 October in the CCOT department at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary. The ribbon was cut by former ICU patient Edward Gallagher and Director of Nursing, Pauline Law, “It is an honour to be able to be a part of the opening of such a vital programme that will not only serve to help patients recover from critical illness much more quickly but will help improve their overall recovery experience.”