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Much Loved A&E Senior Nurse Retires After Over 25 Years of Service with WWL

Newsdate: 12 October 2016 Wnedy Myers

On 28 September, friends and colleagues gathered to bid farewell to much loved Senior Nurse and Emergency Nurse Practitioner, Wendy Myers. Wendy put on her uniform for the last time after over 25 years of service with A&E.

A much loved member of the A&E team, Wendy has treated thousands of patients as an independent clinician working with minor injuries and was instrumental in helping to set up the nurse led service. In addition to caring for her patients, Wendy has also leant her expertise in helping to teach and mentor her colleagues within the department.

Wendy’s love of nursing began when she was five years old and she told her teacher at school that she wanted to be a nurse. When she began her career as a cadet in 1975, things were much different than they are now. Wendy recalls that patients could smoke and drink while in hospital and would often be offered coffee, tea or Guinness as refreshment options. Throughout her years as a nurse, even though things have changed, Wendy has never lost her passion for her job or for the personal interactions she has had with her patients.

The patients have always come first for Wendy and although she enjoyed an opportunity to act as A&E Matron, it was her passion for working with the patients that brought her back to her role as Nurse Practitioner after 18 months. “Nursing isn’t that complicated, it’s all about the person, not just the illness. It’s about seeing the person for who they are and putting yourself in their shoes so you can provide them with the best care possible, that’s what nursing is.” said Wendy. 

As well as always being there for her patients, Wendy cares deeply for her colleagues. As a senior nurse, Wendy has always been available to ensure that her staff has all the support they need. Whether it is supporting the senior nursing and consultant team, preparing colleagues for revalidation or simply offering advice, Wendy has always gone the extra mile for her department.

When discussing her career and whether or not she’s ready to leave nursing, Wendy shared that the one thing she wanted to do before she retired was to help deliver a baby. Shortly after sharing this wish, Wendy was on hand to deliver a baby in the car park of the hospital. In true Wendy style, she successfully delivered the baby as calmly and professionally as though she’d done it a hundred times before.

Wendy’s kindness, commitment and passion have helped to mark a career full of achievements and success. Her sense of humour and dedication to her patients, staff and department will surely be missed by all. A&E Matron Amanda Ahmed says, “She is an excellent example of what an A&E nurse should be, by putting patients first and caring deeply for fellow staff. I am proud to have worked with Wendy and I have learned an enormous amount from my time with her. She is truly an unsung hero and deserves any recognition she gets as she approaches the end of her career.”