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COPD Unit Receives Generous Donation in Memory of Former Patient

Newsdate: 27 September 2016COPD Donation

WWL’s COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) unit is excited to have received a very kind and generous donation on behalf of former patient George Hudson.

In memory of Mr. Hudson, his family has donated a new television and eight nebuliser machines to the unit. Nebulisers are essential to the treatment of COPD as they help to administer key medication directly to the lungs allowing for fast and effective relief of symptoms.

To assist in raising the funds for the donation, Mr. Hudson’s granddaughter Katie, 13, participated in the Colour Run on 2 July. The Colour Run is a 5km charity run around the Etihad Campus in Manchester. Not normally a runner, but an avid kickboxer, Katie completed the run alongside her friend and fellow student Elise.

In addition to the funds raised by Katie, the donation was made possible by local sponsorship and donations made in the memory of George. The COPD unit holds a special place in the hearts of the Hudson family as Katie, her mum Michelle, dad Paul and Uncle Michael often visited Mr. Hudson there.

Their donation will help the unit by providing them with more resources to care for patients.
“We are really grateful to the Hudson family for their very generous donation.  Nebulisers play an essential part in caring for COPD patients as they help with breathlessness and sputum clearance in an acute episode which can lead to a more prompt recovery.” says Joanne Wright, Lead COPD Specialist Nurse.