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Newsdate: 4 April 2017 Violence and Aggression Group

Staff who dedicate their lives to care for others should not be rewarded with intimidation and violence at work. Nor should staff believe that it is their fault when patients attack them.

These are the strong messages being pushed in the launch of the #NotTheNorm campaign, which forms part of the Trust’s Violence and Aggression Week 3-7 April. It will work towards raising awareness of the effects of violence and aggression, with the main aim to challenge the perception that it is ‘all part of the job’.

Pauline Law, Director of Nursing said “Our doctors and nurses are here to help people who are sick and injured and in need of care. It's completely unacceptable when the very people they are trying to help are rude, aggressive or violent. It's not only upsetting for staff, but can be distressing for other patients and cause delays in care. No one should expect to be physically or verbally abused at work, and working in a hospital should be no different. This campaign #NotTheNorm will work to eradicate the notion that it’s part of the job and will help to make WWL a safer place to work."

The Violence and Aggression Working Group, headed by Vic Smith Health and Safety Advisor, are spearheading the #NotTheNorm campaign. The group was developed with the aim to reduce the impact of violence and aggression within the Trust. This important work will show that such behaviour will not be tolerated as being “part of the job” for anyone who works at WWL.

Vic Smith explained: “We view our staff as its most valuable asset, and therefore any abuse, either physical or verbal, towards them is totally unacceptable. We are hoping that through this awareness week we will be able to show everyone that violence and aggression will not be tolerated as being ‘part of the job’.”

Sometimes staff experience assaults which are medically related. Through this dedicated campaign staff will be providing with information on how to spot triggers and behaviour patterns to reduce the chances of assault.

This campaign is about protecting our staff. They are here for patients 356 days a year, caring for patients when they are at their most vulnerable.