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Catheter Laboratory Extension Build Underway

18 August

Work to expand the current Cardiac Catheter Laboratory patient discharge facilities at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust has begun.

The Cardiac Catheter Laboratory extension at Wigan Informary has been undertaken from charitable fund raising donations to the Heart Beat Fund from the generous public of the borough of Wigan.

The new Cardiac Catheter Laboratory discharge suite is planned to open in October when it will provide recovery care for cardiac patients who have undergone diagnostic angiograms and interventional cardiac procedures.

Once the new build is completed it will provide a bespoke area for the patients to have an enhanced recovery in a quiet and relaxed environment, prior to their discharge home. The facility will allow families and carers to be able to collect the patients from this area directly, rather than being transferred to the Discharge Lounge.

It will also provide patients with a television, surround sound music system and comfortable bespoke medical discharge chairs throughout this period of their recovery.

The new build will also include a consultation room to ensure conversations between patients, their families and carers with the nursing and medical staff following the procedures are in private, ensuring confidentially and privacy is maintained.

The service will operate five days a week with the possible extension in the future to weekends.

Carolyn Dereszkiewicz, Head of Nursing for Scheduled Care in Medicine, said: “By extending our Cardiac Catheter Laboratory facilities we will be enhancing our patients experience and ensuring our patient’s dignity and confidentiality continues to be maintained at all times.”

Consultant Cardiologist Dr Nayyar Naqvi said: “I want to thank the people of the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan. Their generosity will allow our patients who have just had cardiac catheterisation to experience, with privacy and dignity, a smooth, easy and pleasant recovery in a safe and comfortable monitored environment.”