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WWL Receives Generous Donation from Leigh Catenians

Newsdate: 22 February 2017Catenian Donation

WWL was delighted to receive a very generous donation of £800 from local association, the Leigh Cantenians. The funds have been donated to the Three Wishes Cancer Care Fund and will be directed to the Urology Department at WWL to benefit patients with prostate cancer.

The Cantenians, who are an association of Catholic Laymen that dedicate their time to their Faith, their families, friends and to those in need, presented the cheque to Mr Andy Thompson, consultant urologist at WWL at one of their monthly meetings. Following the presentation of the cheque, they held a talk about prostate cancer and Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening for men to help to educate the members and their families on the importance of being screened.

PSA screening measures the levels of PSA proteins in the blood. PSA proteins are produced by the cells of the prostate gland and higher levels of PSA can indicate that a thorough check of the prostate is required to determine if there is a risk of cancer. While the screening is not currently supported by health policy in the UK, it is still a helpful indicator into whether or not further tests are required and can be administered to any men between the age of 45 and 75 by their GP.

After raising the money over the past year, the president of the group made the decision that the money would go to benefit patients who have had or are survivors of prostate cancer. The donation is one of significance for the Cantenians as they have had members who have required treatment from the trust in the past and prostate cancer has affected some of their friends and family.

Immediate Past President of the Cantenians, Maurice McCarthy said, “I want to thank WWL and Mr Andy Thompson for the work you do supporting the people of the community. This donation means a lot to all of us and it is going to such an important cause. I also want to thank Mr Thompson for his very insightful presentation on PSAs it opened one or two eyes. I can see a big demand for PSA checks in this area in the future.”

While the money has not yet been allocated, the Trust has committed to keep their promise that the money will be for the direct benefit of urological cancer patients in the Wigan Borough.