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Audiology Service Is All Ears

Audiology Service Is All Ears

WRIGHTINGTON, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust’s Audiology Service has been all ears listening to the feedback of its patients.

Of the 140 people who replied to the May 2017 survey, overall patients were very satisfied with the service, with 87.1% of patient rating it as excellent and a further 12.1% marking it as good.

When asked whether they would recommend the service to friends and family, 89.2% said extremely likely and 10% said likely.

Patient comments included: “All staff very helpful and friendly on each visit I have made. Full explanations given. Never feel rushed,” and “I would like to thank the audiologist who conducted my first assessment. She was professional, caring, gentle and empathetic which I much appreciated. The hearing aids provided will improve my quality of life significantly for which I am eternally grateful.

Statistics show that one in seven people have some form of hearing loss and on average it takes 10 years for people to do something about it. Many people often delay taking action because they are worried about facing up to their hearing loss, are unsure of the services available or do not want to see their GP for a referral.

An unmanaged hearing loss can put people at more risk of falls or may exacerbate the symptoms of dementia making them deteriorate faster.

Hearing loss can have a profound effect upon a person’s well-being and social interaction, often resulting in isolation. Hearing aids can bring back that confidence that was once lost. 

Hearing assessments can be offered to patients within around six weeks of referral. Repairs to hearing aids can usually be carried out within a day or two and also at the various clinics.

Services offered include:

  • Hearing Aid Service
  • Tinnitus Service
  • Balance Service
  • Hearing Therapy Service
  • Complex needs service
  • Severe / profound hearing loss service    
  • Included free of charge in the service are:
  • Discreet state-of-the-art digital hearing aids
  • Batteries and repairs
  • Rehabilitation and hearing therapy service
  • Comprehensive after care for life
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance Classes
  • Private hearing aid dispensing (self-referral)
  • Hearing screening programmes

For further information, please contact 01942 774667 or visit