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Revised Car Parking Charges for the Public

Newsdate: 2 June 2017:

The Trust is revising its parking charges for the public from June 2017.

This will be the first change in patient parking charges since 2015 and the Trust Board has agreed that car parking charges should be increased by an average of 10% to reflect the current costs and the principle that car parking should not be subsidised at the expense of patient services.

The revised charging arrangements are as follows:

Stay Hours

Current Tariff

New Tariff

0 to 30 minutes drop off



0 to 1 at Wrightington and TLC only due to
service need for shorter stay period,
eg blood tests etc.


£1.70 (13.33%)

1 to 2


£2.70 (8%)

2 to 4


£5.00 (11.11%)

4 and above


£6.50 (8.33%)



We have compared these new parking charges and they are similar to other local NHS Trusts.

Over the past few years, the Trust has invested over £2.5m in additional car parking facilities and improvements at all of its sites. Two of the Trusts sites now have “pay on exit” barrier controls which not only meet with guidance from the Department of Health with visitors paying for the actual length of stay, but also maximises income by ensuring all visitors pay the appropriate charge rate.

The Trust is still investing in further improvements to car parking with new pay and display machines on order and a further 76 visitor spaces, which includes 13 disabled spaces, being created this year at the RAEI on the site of the former Pathology Laboratory with direct access into the main hospital street.

Feedback from RAEI users suggests that parking on the site is now much better than it was in the past. Despite all of these improvements to date we are continually looking at further opportunities to improve parking and accessibility for our patients and visitors.

Concessions have been revisited to ensure compliance with the latest guidance and the views of the Council of Governors taken into account in the final agreement by the Board. These will be incorporated into updated patient information and the Trusts website.

The revised pricing is aiming to be as fair and equitable as possible for all car park users. Money raised from parking is used to cover the provision of new facilities and the running costs of maintenance, security staff, lighting, business rates and security cameras to ensure our car parks are safe for all our patients, staff and visitors.