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New IT system rolled out in A&E

Newsdate: 17 October 2017

Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust will roll out its new Health Information System (HIS) across Accident and Emergency (A&E).

The HIS, a cutting-edge Clinical IT System, will support a full Electronic Patient Record across WWL and will enable the Trust to manage prescriptions electronicall and for patient information to flow quickly and safely throughout the organisation.

It was launched throughout most of the rest of the hospital’s departments in 2016.

The new system will help to support the delivery of safer, faster, more efficient care for patients. Other benefits will include:

·         Allowing clinicians involved in their care to access a patient’s health records quickly regardless of location  

·         Allow electronic prescribing

·         Improved patient outcomes

·         Fewer requests for demographic information

·         Reduced waits for referral acceptance and processing

·         Reduced waits for discharge

·         Increased patient safety.

·         Reduce the use of paper and ensure that patient notes are always available.

·         In the future, has capability to allow patients to log on and view their own health records via a portal.

WWL is now asking anyone attending A&E to please be patient and aware while we are implementing the new system as they may face some minor delays.

Dr Martin Farrier, Deputy Medical Director said: “I’m excited about the prospect HIS offers in A&E.

"Better patient record keeping, information sharing and bed management is vital to improving patient care and WWL’s A&E needed a system that shares vast vaults of information.

"We are now rolling out this kind of system in A&E and HIS will enable direct communication with GP records, where the patient permits this, which will give doctors a much more comprehensive view of all issues affecting the patient.”

Chief Executive Andrew Foster said: ““The HIS project is one of the biggest initiatives the Trust has undertaken and it has put WWL at the forefront of modern healthcare delivery.

"It has proved a great success so is now being rolled out in A&E where it will support WWL’s mission to be safe, effective and caring and put the patient at the centre of everything we do."