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Emergency Care Centre

The Emergency Care Centre formally known as the Accident & Emergency opened in September 2004 as part of the Phase Four upgrade at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan.

The Emergency Care Centre replaced the old Accident and Emergency department and the Medical Admissions Unit [MAU].

The Emergency Care Centre is also known as the Emergency Floor.
Emergency Care Centre

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The Emergency Care Centre comprises of 7 different areas and a dedicated x-ray facility.

These area's are as follows:

Adult Main Assessment Area  - 16 cubicles
Adult Minor Injuries  - 10 cubicles
Children’s Emergency Centre – 9 cubicles including HDU bay
Resuscitation – 5 bays
Clinical Decisions Area  - 10 beds
Observation Area – 12 beds
Triage – 2 assessment cubicles

Medical Staff
5 Consultants
4 staff grades
3 clinical fellows
10 SHOs (Senior House Officer)
Clinical Director

23 sisters/charge nurses
65 staff nurses
24 auxiliary nurses
3 housekeepers
18 reception staff

There is a dedicated team of Advanced Practitioners who work as clinicians, qualified to masters degree with prescribing qualifications. They independently assess, diagnose, manage and refer patients within the Emergency Care department.

Emergency Nurse Practitioners (ENPs) are employed in minors to independently see, assess, diagnose and treat patients with minors injuries and illness.  The service operates from 07.30am until 09.30pm with weekends and Mondays covered until 2am.

The specialist thrombolysis nurses compliment the nursing team in resuscitation where they see and assess patients attending with chest pain.  The service is led by Sister Rebecca Keld.

Visiting Times
Generally any time but is limited to 2 visitors per bed or cubicle. Visiting is not allowed in bedded area of Clinical Decisions Area/Observation Area during the night and is discouraged at meal times. There are several waiting areas for relatives / visitors etc. which are facilitated by hot and cold drinks machines and televisions.