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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the system by which the Trust is directed and controlled at its most senior level in order to achieve its corporate objectives and meet the necessary standards of accountability and probity. Effective corporate governance is essential for a Foundation Trust to achieve its clinical quality and financial objectives. Documents under this heading are evidence of how the Trust operates its governance systems and controls, including regulator reporting procedures.

Modern Slavery Act 2015 – Statutory Statement

The Trust is fully aware of the responsibilities it bears towards patients, employees and the local community and as such, we have a strict set of ethical values that we use as guidance with regard to our commercial activities. We therefore expect that all suppliers to the Trust adhere to the same ethical principles.

In compliance with the consolidation of offences relating to trafficking and slavery within the Modern Slavery Act 2015, the Trust has a process in place for reviewing its supply chains with a view to confirming that such behaviour is not taking place. 

Click here to read a copy of the Trust's modern slavery statement 2020-21.

Key Documents

 Declarations required by General condition 6 and Continuity of Service condition 7 of the NHS provider licence
PDF Document Corporate Governance Committee Structure 
PDF Document Corporate Governance Manual
PDF Document Corporate Governance Manual Portfolio (easy read version)
PDF Document Constitution of WWL
PDF Document Standard Licence Conditions
PDF Document Commissioner Requested Services
PDF Document WWL Self-Certification G6 
PDF Document Operational Plan 2017/18 and 2018/19 
 Representation of the public interests of patients and the local community
 Schedule of third parties with whom the foundation trust has a duty of cooperation  
 Terms of Reference for the Remuneration Committee
 Terms of Reference for the Nomination and Remuneration Committee