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Safe Staffing Reports 2014

Trust Board Safe Staffing Reporting

It is an expectation set out in the National Quality Board (NQB) guidance published in November 2013 ( that Boards take full responsibility for the quality of care provided to patients, and, as a key determinant of quality, take full responsibility for nursing, midwifery and care staffing capacity and capability.

Reports to the Trust Board must meet the requirements set out in the NQB guidance, with particular reference to page 12 regarding monthly publishing. The guidance states that the Board will be advised of those wards where staffing capacity and capability frequently falls short of what is planned, the reasons why, any impact on quality and the actions taken to address gaps in staffing.

Reports Published in this Section

The following reports will be made available via this page:

  • Full Unify data collection for public viewing of all ward staffing fill rates for the Trust (Unify is the system for sharing and reporting NHS and social care performance information to the Department of Health)
  • The monthly Exception Report relating to planned versus actual staffing variances
  • The six monthly Trust Board reports that contain the details regarding the capacity and capability of wards

Staffing Level Reports 2014

Download the Safe Staffing Level Reports:

PDF Document Safe Staffing Indicators December 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Indicators November 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Indicators October 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Indicators September 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Indicators August 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Indicators July 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Indicators June 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Indicators May 2014  

Safe Staffing Exception Reports 2014

Download the Exception Reports:

PDF Document Safe Staffing Exception Reports December 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Exception Reports November 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Exception Report October 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Exception Report September 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Exception Report August 2014 
PDF Document Safe Staffing Exception Report July 2014
PDF Document Safe Staffing Exception Report June 2014

Safe Staffing Board Reports 2014

Download the Performance and Board Reports:

Performance Indicator Reports:

PDF Document Performance Report December 2014
PDF Document Performance Report November 2014
PDF Document Performance Report October 2014
PDF Document Performance Report September 2014
PDF Document Performance Report August 2014
PDF Document Performance Report July 2014
PDF Document Performance Report June 2014
PDF Document Performance Report May 2014

Board Reports:

PDF Document Safe Staffing Board Report June 2014
PDF Document Nursing Establishment Review June 2014