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Foundation Year 1

2015-2016 Programme 

Track Number
1 Cardiology General Surgery T & O 
2 Chest Medicine General Surgery T & O
3 Endocrinology and Diabetes General Surgery (Breast) Emergency Medicine
4 Geriatric Medicine   General Surgery  Emergency Medicine
5 Endocrinology and Diabetes   General Surgery  Geriatric Medicine
6 Gastroenterology  Urology  MAU
7 Geriatric Medicine   Surgery (Colorectal) A&E
8 Medicine (Cardiology)  Surgery (Breast)  Geriatric Medicine
9 Respiratory Medicine    Urology Geriatric Medicine
10 Haematology   Otolaryngology  General Psychiatry
11 Cardiology   General Surgery  General Psychiatry
12 Gastroenterology General Surgery (Colorectal)  General Psychiatry

Important Note:
Each Foundation programme has been designed to ensure maximum exposure to varied specialities whilst maintaining a balance in the training and experience offered. As such, each numbered track in Foundation Year 1 automatically runs through to the corresponding numbered track in Foundation Year 2.

Protected ‘Bleep Free’ Teaching Sessions for FY1 Doctors:
Tuesday: 2.00 – 4.30
Friday: 12.00 - 1.00