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How we make decisions

This section links you to decision making processes and record of decisions.

Type of Information

Copy of Information
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Board papers - agenda, supporting papers and minutes

You can also obtain minutes of the following meetings via the Trust Board Agenda and Supporting Documents:

  • Finance Committee & Sub-Committee Minutes
  • Audit Sub Committee
  • Governance and Risk Committee
  • Human Resource Committee
  • Diveristy and Equality Steering Group
  • IM&T Strategy Board
Patient and Public Involvement Strategy (PPI)
Public Consultations
Internal Communication Guidance

The Trust makes use of the following vehicles to facilitate 2 way communication with staff:

- Corporate Communications - the distribution of corporate communication messages via global emails and other methds as deemed appropriate

- Focus - The internal newsletter for our staff

- Team Brief - Our cascade face-to-face staff communications programe

- Fact or Fiction Board - an electronic rumour board for staff to anonymously raise queries with and receive responses from Trust Management

- Web Site and Intranet - Corporate communication content of  the Trust's web and intranet sites

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